Michael Alexander Campbell (b. 1999) is a contemporary artist. He was born to British parents but grew up in a small village in the Swiss Alps. After three years of independent work from 2017 – 2020, he embarked on a BFA at Lancaster University, graduating in 2023.

His work is on a spectrum between painting and sculpture. The sculptural elements of his paintings are treated less as sculptures, and more as super-impasto paintings. These same sculptural elements are then also treated as painting surfaces. This interdisciplinary approach leads to a collapse of the binaries between sculpture and painting, and offers a divergent visual experience.

Conceptually, the work recalls dialogs between human sublimity and Heideggerian creatureliness. From a contextual point of view, the work is in subversive dialog with the modernist and post-modernist painting traditions.

He often describes his paintings as un-communicative and as essentially musical, and experiential.